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Wood Lockers for Sports, Schools and Homes
Our  Wood Lockers are built in the Sardis Alabama, made to last and come with one of the toughest  finishes available. Built from strong hardwood plywood's and trimmed with solid hardwood face frames. These lockers come fully assembled, and stand up to lots of abuse. A beautifully crafted product that stands the test of time! Get years and years of service with lockers from Locker Room Renovations.

Wood lockers are ideal for sports locker rooms and stadiums. They can help install PRIDE into teams and can also increase performance . LRR  has helped to transform team locker rooms across the state. With locker room projects built, delivered and installed, you can count on LRR to deliver on time and on budget.

Wood lockers are ALL we do! No press board or Melamine!  LRR was established from the start as a custom cabinet company. We understand wood and its many characteristics. We can build out your entire remodel project so you do not have to deal with countless companies.

Our team of wood craftsmen, with years of custom woodwork experience, are skilled in the latest technologies allowing for the most precise fabrication and assembly outcomes.  For our customers this means you get the highest quality materials assembled to meet the demands of your competitive athletes for many years to come. At LRR we have a proprietary ventilation system that allows for less locker room smells and quicker drying of equipment.

At Locker Room Renovation we have a passion for team sports and truly believe in the importance of team building, inside the locker room and on the field of play.  Let Ty Harris help you keep your commitment to your student athletes by providing you the best choice in wood lockers.

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Meeting with District 6 Football Coaches. Met several great contacts. Give us a call to set up a meeting to discuss your locker room.
LRR has just been given the contract for Hartselle City Schools new state of the art athletic facility.  We are honored to have been chosen to build these lockers and look forward  to working with them.
LRR has just done an interview with Football Fuel Magazine to discuss our locker room SYSTEM!